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Episode #1
Pokemon, I Chose You

Ash Ketchum of the town of Pallet oversleeps and is late for the start of his Pokemon journey. Upon arrival to Prof. Oak's lab, he discovers that Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander have already been taken by three rivals including Gary Oak. The only Pokemon left is Pikachu, a stubborn "electric mouse" that gives Ash nothing but trouble from the start. Ash has to capture Pidgey, another Poikemon, and has to flee a flock of Spearows. His only chance to save the day is Pikachu...

Episode #2
Pokemon Emergency

Ash takes the injured Pikachu to the Viridian City Pokemon Center. While Pikachu recovers, Mistly arrives followed by Team Rocket. Ash and his friends have to keep Team Rocket from stealing rare Pokemon from the Pokemon Center.

Episode #3
Ash Catches a Pokemon

Ash catches Caterpie, a bug Pokemon. The next day Ash catched Pidgeotto. Team Rocket attempts to catch Pikachu. Pikachu and Pidgeotto have to defeat team rocket by fighting Koffing and Ekans, but they fail...

Episode #4
Challenge of the Samuri

Ash finds another bug Pokemon, Weedle. Because Misty is afraid of bugs, she gets frightened and runs away. Misty is then ambushed by a Samuri kid who is looking for a Pokemon trainer from Pallet town. Ash was about to catch Weedle, but Samuri forced him into a Pokemon battle before he could catch it. Weedle got away for the time being. Ash has to defeat the Samuri kid and face team rocket before he can even get near Weedle again.

Episode #5
Showdown in Pewter City

Ash, Misty, and Pikachu go to Pewter City and meet a Flint who leads them to the Pokemon Center. They find out about the Pokemon League, where you must earn badges from gym leaders to enter. Ash challenges the Pewter gym leader Rock. Pikachu doesn't have enough electrical power to defeat rock...

Episode #6
Clefairy and the Moon Stone

On Mt. Moon Ash's party meets a scientist who tells them about the Moon Stone, a stone that increases a Pokemon's power. They sight a Clefairy who can lead them to the Moon Stone, but it was ambushed by Meowth. Ash's team has to defeat Team Rocket to find the Moon Stone...

Episode #7
The Water Flowers of Cerulean City

Ash, Brock, and Pikachu go to the Pokemon Gym in Cerulean City to find three Pokemon trainers who all had injured Pokemon. Instead of battling Ash, they offered him the Cascade badge for free. Misty then challenges Ash because she is also a Cerulean Gym trainer. Ash has to fight his friend and save the city from Team Rocket, who surprisingly suck the water out of the Cerulean City pool while they are battling.

Episode #8
Ash finds an unnoficial Pokemon gym, where a trainer named A.J. has won 98 battles in a row. After he defeats Ash in a battle, therefore making it his 99th consecutive win, Ash finds out that A.J. uses painful measures to train his Pokemon. Team Rocket captures A.J.'s Sandshrew...

Episode #9
The School of Hard Knocks

Ash comes across the Pokemon Text School, a school for millionaires that lets its students in the Pokemon League without earning badges. Misty tries fighting one of the students, but she loses. This makes Ash the one that has to defeat him...

Episode #10
Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village

Misty is trying to catch an Oddish when they came across a Bulbasaur. Brock falls into a river and is saved by a woman, who takes them to the Pokemon Treatment Center. Bulbasaur guards all the sick Pokemon that are there. Team Rocket invades and Bulbasaur has to defeat them, and Ash wants to keep the Bulbasaur, but the only way for him to do that is to beet the Bulbasaur in a battle...